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Watch the above video to meet ME, your massage therapist!


The massage studio is very cozy and serene. Take a tour of Dreamcatcher Massage before you come!

I do have cancellation/no show policies, so please make sure you read these first >>>  CLICK HERE


Instructions for getting the most out of your appointment:

- I schedule 1hr between clients. I need this time to clean/sanitize, change the sheets and set up, as well as to allow my client to take her time getting up and getting dressed, and chatting for a moment before she leaves.  If you arrive early, please wait in your car as I don't have an extra waiting room inside. 

- You may come up 5min prior to your scheduled appointment, but please no earlier than that. 

- I have multiple ways to make payment, for your convenience. You can pay via the "Cash App", the Venmo app, and as always credit/debit card, or cash. 

- I am in a dog friendly building, feel free to bring your pup if they go everywhere with you :)

Looking forward to taking care of you soon!



I have "little luxury" options to choose from FREE of charge for all my sessions. I like to include these little extras because I believe the details make all the difference! Plus, they just enhance your comfort and relaxation, making your massage all the more amazing!  

          - I always include hot stones and warm towels on the back and neck. 

The warm stones are massaged on your back, neck and shoulders and a warm towel and pillow are placed under your neck while you're laying face up.

          - Aromatherapy is always included as well, if you so choose. Pick your favorite essential oil, or let me help you decide! Lavender is great for total relaxation, while eucalyptus and tea tree is good for allergies and colds. Orange and lemon do wonders for helping you feel refreshed and energized. I also have blends to help you feel focused and grounded. 



Cold Roller Balls: These can be massaged over the face for a soothing feel on tired eyes, or to help with sinus pressure and migraines. They can also be used on the neck or anywhere with inflammation. 

      - Weighted, heated rice pack for the back. After I finish working on your back, I have this warm wrap that will keep you cozy while I work on your legs and feet!

     - Cooling face pad.... Laying face down in that face cradle can put pressure on the sinuses. I have a cooling gel pad that you can rest on that will ease tired eyes and help keep you from getting too stuffy while laying face down... plus it just feels amazing!

     - Choose any massage style! We don't up-charge for anything.. so you can choose from deep tissue or sports massage or trigger point or a combination of everything without worrying about cost!


    - Choose your own music! Not everyone likes spa music... if you prefer something else, choose from the CDs that are on the shelf or play your own music from your phone! Some people even play rock-n-roll... hey, it's YOUR massage!

    - There is a table warmer on the massage table, feel free to let me know if I need to turn it up or down, or turn it off.

I also have some amenities in the room, please help yourself to any of these little comforts!

          - Hand Sanitizer
          - Towels to dry off any excess oil/lotion 
          - Hair ties and combs to fix your hair back up
          - Insulated coffee cups with lids so that you can make some tea and
             take the relaxation with you.
          - Makeup remover towelettes and more!

​I hope these special little touches help to give you an amazing massage experience like never before!!