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FREE rose petal foot scrub with any gift card purchase of $75 or more!

Offer good until Dec 25th! Once you purchase a gift card, you will get an email with a free foot scrub voucher. If you don't get this email, check spam, or email me at DreamcatcherMassageSpa@yahoo.com

Win a FREE Massage!

Its Happening Again! 

Every year during the holidays I take donations
for the League City Animal Shelter, and we
always end up with a car load of stuff!

Starting NOW I will be taking donations for this Christmas, and for each item you bring in, you will get a ticket thrown in the hat to win a free massage! (Bring 3 items, get 3 chances to win!)

You can also write a check/donate money (Venmo, Cash App, Paypal, Apple Pay) and for every $5 donated you'll get a chance to win! ($25 donation, 5 chances to win!)

Simply bring in/drop off an item(s) off the list below and you will have a chance(s) to WIN!

Plus, you'll be helping animals in need 

** If you can't drop something off before Christmas, you can simply order off Amazon and have it shipped to my house! This is what alot of people did last year. For every item, it's an entry! If you plan on sending me donations from Amazon, just shoot me a text and I'll give you my address, and you can tell me what to be expecting! 832-588-1060

Right before Christmas I will post a video of all the donations as I am dropping them all off to the shelter.

Winner will be chosen December 23, just in time for a very Merry Christmas surprise for one of you!

List of items needed:
- Bleach
- HE Laundry Detergent
- Paper Towels
- Garbage Bags
- Oatmeal Flea Shampoo
- Brushes and Combs
- Dog food and cat food (dry Purina one)
- Dog and cat treats
- Dog collars and leashes/harnesses
- Nail clippers for pets
- Fleece blankets/towels
- Dawn dish soap

Thank you for participating and for always making this a successful event for our pets in need!

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