Let me show you how to meditate to manage everything from anxiety, depression, chronic pain, insomnia, insecurity, weight loss and more. Only $35

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Your 20min guided meditation will be added onto the end of your massage session, while you're in an ultra-relaxed state.

As an example, listen to a FREE guided meditation I have for you>>>>> HERE

Meditation is just a fancy word for brain training.  I have studied meditation and watched it change my life in many ways.  I now teach meditation and guide people through sessions to help them with anxiety, depression, insomnia, weight loss, chronic pain and more.  I am not the "OMMM" woo woo type of meditation guide.  I am very scientific about it.  You will only get the facts from me!

Meditation has been studied over and over again, and most recently we have been able to use brain scans to see how it actually, physically CHANGES your BRAIN!  Researchers took a group of people and scanned their brains. Then, for a period of 6 weeks or so, they had them meditate on things they were grateful for.  Afterwards, they scanned their brains again and saw that these people had created new connections in their brain... they re-wired their minds for happiness!  The parts of the brain that are active in stressed and depressed people were not lit up anymore, and the parts of the brain responsible for happiness were VERY active suddenly!

They have also tested this with things like sports and playing the piano.  They had people who couldn't do either actually practice basketball and take piano lessons, and the other group of people would just sit for 20min a day and visualize themselves playing basketball and piano concerts.  After some weeks the people who visualized it had improved just as much if not MORE than the people who actually practiced!

Personally, I have become a MUCH LESS stressed person.  I used to worry alot, I had some anxiety and I was prone to depression at times. I had been an insomniac for years.  After meditation, I now go to sleep around 9:30pm each night!  And I find myself always looking at the positive, no matter what the situation may be.  I am much happier, and it's all thanks to programming my mind for success!

Would you like to learn how to train your brain, re-program your mind for success?  What are your goals?  Do you want to save more money, get a better job, be free from anxiety and stress, manage chronic pain, get rid of headaches, curb cravings, or quit smoking? Let me guide you through a meditation and give you a quick lesson in how you can train your brain for your own personal situation!

Text or email for an appointment! This is a 20-30min session and it can be done by itself or added onto a massage!  It's a really great ending to a massage... after you've been relaxed head to toe, you simply lay there with your eyes closed as I guide you through a visualization to help you with whatever you need help with! This is only $35!

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