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Massage Therapy Services


Step into my tranquil treatment room...
Crawl under soothing warm blankets, sink into the super soft memory foam, breathe in your choice of healing essential oils like rosemary, ylang ylang or lavender, while skilled hands work out all the tension in your back, neck and shoulders with warm towels and hot stones.


At Dreamcatcher Massage, every session is a one of a kind experience.

Most places will charge extra for deeper pressure or other types of techniques. They will up-charge for aromatherapy and hot stones. They also will charge for an hour massage but the actual hands on time will only be about 50min or so.

At Dreamcatcher, our massages are one price, NO

up-charging! Every massage includes the full amount of time on the table, hot stones, aromatherapy and more.

Our Massages are ALL INCLUSIVE!


Each Massage is tailored to the needs of the individual client. I will most likely use a combination of techniques like swedish relaxation, deep tissue, myofascial release and lymphatic drainage.

Fibromyalgia Massage

I am certified in Fibro Massage, and have worked with dozens of women over the years to help manage the condition. This type of massage takes an educated touch and requires advanced training.

Complimentary Add-ons

Every massage includes, at no extra cost (if you so desire)

- Hot Stones on the back and neck

- Warm towel wraps on back and neck

- Cold Amethyst stone eye mask

- Your choice of Aromatherapy

- Complimentary chocolates and tea

- Feel free to hook up to our wifi and play your own music!

Take your time after your massage, no rush here! We have towels to dry off with if needed, combs and hair ties to fix your hair back up, makeup remover towelettes, and more.

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Gua Sha Face & Scalp Treatment: $15 add-on


This is a luxurious little add on to the end of your massage session.

First, I apply a skin healing oil to the face via a relaxing face massage. Then, using the gua-sha stone, I work in very specific strokes to stimulate Lymphatic Drainage.

From there we end with a scalp massage using rosemary essential oil for a boost in hair health and glow!

This treatment increases circulation, boosts detoxification, relaxes tension in the face and jaw, eases headaches, de-puffs, and brightens the face leaving you glowing, plumped up appearance. 

Lotus Flower

Book an appointment

To schedule an appointment, please TEXT 832-588-1060 

with your name and what service you are interested in.

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