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Our Massages are ALL INCLUSIVE!

At Dreamcatcher Massage, every session is a one of a kind experience.


Most places will charge extra for deeper pressure or other types of techniques. They will up-charge for aromatherapy and hot stones. They also will charge for an hour or 90min massage, but the actual hands on time will only be 50 or 80min. 

At Dreamcatcher, our massages are one price, NO up-charging!

EVERY MASSAGE INCLUDES AT NO EXTRA COST (all you have to do is request what you'd like):

-Hot/Cold Stones on the back and neck

- Your choice of massage technique (Swedish relaxation, deep tissue, or any combination!)

- The entire time hands on! If you choose a 1hr massage, the entire hour will be on the table! You will not be shorted on your massage time. I book 45min between clients so that you're never rushed!

- Warm towels for the neck

- Your choice of essential oils and warming or cooling pain relief gel

- Weighted, heated back wrap

- Cooling face pad while laying face down

- Cooling eye pillows while laying face up

- Dry Brushing

- Complimentary chocolates and tea/water

- And more! (we have a table warmer that can be set to your comfort level, you can bring your own playlist if you prefer to listen to your own music, and complimentary amenities like combs to fix your hair, makeup remover towelettes, etc)

Description of massage styles: 

I will typically use a combination of techniques while working to address your specific concerns.


Prices are good for all massage styles described below:

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Deep Tissue Massage

This is not just really deep pressure. This is a specific technique that utilizes things like friction, trigger point, swedish, and myofascial release all in one. Just "pushing as hard as you can" is not an effective way to release muscle tension. My style of deep tissue works methodically and purposefully to get out those knots while also being a relaxing experience.

Swedish Relaxation Massage

Drift off into sweet dreams with this customized massage designed to relieve all your aches and pains. Designed for those who like a light, medium or firm pressure but not quite deep tissue.


Aromatherapy Massage

AromaTherapy uses fragrant oils extracted from herbs, flowers and fruits to naturally enhance the benefits of massage. Before each session begins, you can choose one of our many oil blends to be used in your massage. Each oil and oil blend has specific benefits to certain ailments such as body aches, respiratory problems, headaches, stress, and more. 

Fibromyalgia Massage

Fibromyalgia is a chronic musculoskeletal condition expressed in widespread pain over the entire body. It also comes with many other ailments such as depression, fatigue, memory loss, "brain fog" headaches, IBS, stiffness and sleep disorders. Not many massage therapists have had advanced training in Fibro massage. It is a very sensitive condition that takes an educated touch. I chose to specialize in Fibro massage because my mother has it, and I wanted to help her and others like her. I have been helping my fibro clients get off pain meds and live a more pain free life for the last 4 years. Make sure you see a therapist who specializes in this type of massage! There IS someone who can help. 


You can stay in the sauna for up to 30min. You must let me know before you come in for your appointment that you want to use the sauna after your massage so that I can bring it in the room and set it up. You will need to bring 2 large bath towels with you. If you have questions about the sauna, please text me at 832-588-1060.

Infrared Sauna with Red Light Therapy - $35 for 30min


☀ Detoxification

☀ Decrease Inflammation

☀ Increase circulation

☀ Relieve pain

☀ Burn calories

☀ Sleep Better

☀ Immune Enhancement & Promote overall health

and wellness

☀ Mitochondria Support and Enhanced Energy

☀ Increased Natural Nitric Oxide and Redox Molecule Production

☀ Anti-Aging Benefits; Collagen Production, Cellulite Reduction

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Himalayan Foot Scrub - Add $20

This is a lovely add on to any massage!  


I will use Himalayan salts to exfoliate your feet and calves, followed by a moisturizing treatment to leave your feet silky soft and smooth! 

What are Salt Glows?

A salt glow is a full body exfoliation that polishes the skin's surface, removing cellular debris/dry skin. The salt scrub is massaged gently over your arms, hands, legs, feet, and back. The salt is removed with warm, moist aromatherapy towels followed by a full application of moisturizer. You are laying on the massage table draped with blankets as usual.

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Day Dreamer Salt Scrub

This luxurious Lavender and Rosemary formula exfoliates, cleanses, & moisturizes all at once. The super relaxing body polish smooths and regenerates skin all over, while ultra-rich body cream is designed to repair age related skin damage and reduce cellulite. (The scrub is applied, salts taken off with warm towels, and then a moisturizer is applied via massage) 

---- 60-75min $130 with cash, $140 any other form of payment

Invigorating Detox Salt Scrub

First, a Peppermint and Eucalyptus salt glow will leave your skin fresh, smooth and glowing.

We will then lock all those nutrients in with a whipped coconut body butter.  

(this scrub includes a longer massage than the Day Dreamer)

75-90min $165 with cash, $175 any other form of payment