This How-To Stretch Tutorial on the Stability Ball will Ease your Aches and Pains in Minutes

Stability balls (also called yoga balls or swiss balls) used to only be used by physical therapists and personal trainers.  They are becoming more popular these days and are now in almost every home in the country!  They are easy and effective for use during exercise or during a stretching routine. Today, we will be talking about stretching.

The ball is an amazing tool to help you achieve deep, effective stretches.  Add these stretches in weekly after workouts and you’ll see improved range of motion, improved flexibility, better balance, and stronger core muscles. If you have hip pain, back pain, or even knee/joint pain stemming from tight muscles – these stretches will benefit you greatly!

I made this little video tutorial last year for my personal training clients, and wanted to share it with you.  At the end of the video, you see my dog Spirit walk in.  Spirit was my rescue pit bull of 10 years, and she passed away thanksgiving 2015, just about a month after this video was made. It warms my heart when I watch it :)

If you don't have a stability ball yet, I highly recommend you get one!  They are inexpensive and super effective, you can find one >>>>>>>>>>HERE

Happy Stretching!

xoxo  Leia