Train your Brain for Happiness and Success

Do you often find yourself worrying about what MIGHT go wrong?  

Are you often stressed, anxious, or struggle with depression?  Do you feel like you'll never be able to lose the weight, or get caught up on your bills?  When you see pictures of yourself, do you often say or think negative things about your appearance?  

It is very easy for our brains to go to that negative place, it is almost like our mind defaults to negative thoughts.  Sometimes, we already experience negativity before we are even in the situation - for example, have you ever woke up and said, "ahhhh, today is going to be a long day.  

I am tired, I already know I am going to have a rough day"  or maybe "The big wigs are coming into work today, they never have anything good to say about my work, maybe I should just call in sick because I know they're just going to give me a bad review".  

How about, "Well, I already ruined my diet by having a doughnut this morning, I might as well just forget about eating clean today and start over tomorrow... or next Monday."

We set ourselves up for failure when we allow negative thoughts to come into our minds. Your brain doesn't know the difference between a thought, and an actual event you are experiencing, so even just THINKING about being stressed or upset will put your body in a stressed state regardless of what's actually going on around you. And stress causes so many health problems, body and mind. 

You CAN create your own reality. You CAN become one of those people that see the good in everything, that lights up a room and makes others feel good too with your contagious positivity.  

It takes daily practice but over time you will notice your default settings start to change.  Soon, when you are commuting to work and get stuck in traffic, instead of thinking "Oh man not again, I am going to be late for work"  you simply realize it's out of your control and instead take the extra time to listen to your favorite podcast, or dance and sing to some of your favorite songs!

The first step is to make it a habit to say and think positive thoughts about yourself.  

Affirmations have proven time and time again in studies to literally change the brain - they took brain scans of people before and after, and the parts of the brain that house negative or stressful thoughts were not as active, and the brain created NEW pathways that were now firing off happier thoughts. It's truly amazing and it WORKS!

I have created a FREE download with 30 days of positive affirmations to get your started on your brain training.  You can DOWNLOAD IT >>>>>> HERE!

Besides the affirmations, here are some more steps you can take to create a happier, more carefree life:

1. Realize you have a choice.

You can't control WHAT happens to you, but you CAN control HOW you allow it to affect you.  Let's say someone at work or in your family is always bringing drama.  Instead of allowing it to stress you out, just wish them well, and choose to keep being happy. Realize their issues are really their own- they may be projecting them onto you, but you don't have to receive them. It actually has nothing to do with you. Say a little prayer for them and then keep smiling!  Misery loves company, don't entertain their drama.

2. Take Responsibility for your Circumstances and Feelings

Maybe you got bad news from the doctor, or you lost your job or you can't pay your bills, and it all feels out of your control.  You feel like things are happening TO you and you don't know how to over come it.  You must remember, even in really bad situations, you can over come them by believing you can.  When I feel like "I can't" do something, I go online and find people who have lost arms and legs, blind people and homeless people who became successful, who are athletes, who are sky diving and mountain climbing and I am reminded that there are many people out there worse off than me, yet they are doing bigger and better things than me!  If they can do it, I can do it.  You have no excuse when you remind yourself of this.

3. Express Gratitude

Studies have shown that people who once described themselves as depressed or anxious, totally changed their descriptions after 30 days of keeping a gratitude journal - they now describe themselves as happy, calm, at peace, motivated and inspired.  All they did was keep a journal and every day they wrote down 3 things they were thankful for.  This could be something big like their health or someone they love, or something small like their morning cup of coffee or the sunrise.  Try keeping a journal and see how it changes your outlook.  I start every day with my three things, and it's hard ot have a bad day after that.

4. Meditate/Visualize

I am not talking about the stereotypical, sitting cross legged hippie style of meditation you may think of when you hear that term :)  You can do this anywhere - in a warm bubble bath, while you relax on your porch or while you are laying in bed at night before you fall asleep.  All you need is 5-10 minutes a day. Close your eyes and imagine yourself living your dream life. Picture yourself with the job you want to have, the house you want to have, taking the vacations you want to take... and really feel it.  Smell the smells, touch something, feel the breeze - really immerse yourself in positive thoughts.  

I have a guided morning meditation to help you learn how to do this - it's only 5 minutes long and it's a great way to start the day!  You can listen to it >>>>>>>> HERE

Soft music is very helpful when you're trying to visualize or meditate.  I personally recommend checking this out >>>>>>>Click Here

So download that free 30 day affirmation plan and listen to the meditation.  Start your gratitude journal and learn to recognize the negative thoughts as soon as they enter your mind, then change the channel by immediately saying something positive instead.

I promise you, your entire life will change!  We were meant to live with joy and abundance, and you are in control of your reality!

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xoxo Leia